Classes for beginners and new possessors of camera

I propose you to follow my lessons to gain insight on your camera, so you will be able to learn the basis of photography in a convivial atmosphere in the city of Nice and its region. 

The aim is to make you leave the auto mode of your body in favor of the manual mode, by using the aperture priority (av or A) and shutter speed priority (tv or s) shooting modes to get the photo that you want, your own photo

These lessons are mainly intended for beginners and new possessors of Reflex who want to know how they can use their equipment.

Price: 2 hours ---  €60 (around $70 / £54)

Landscape and sunset classes

I also propose you to reinforce your knowledge in a particular field like landscape photography - for example when the sun rises or goes down. These courses are inclined towards the composition and the mastery of exposure time,  but also of your equipment and the choice of spots.

​Courses reserved for people who already have and master their equipment, and want to progress more.

Price: 4 hours --- €100 (around $117 / £89)

Photography Classes Information and Reservations

Image Editing and Digital Development Classes

Lessons on photo retouching and digital development  of your photos on the softwares Lightroom and Photoshop.

From  the manual photo and the file preparation for the purpose of printing to the artistic development, etc.

The lessons are given at your home in order to teach you on your own equipment configuration.

Price: 2 hours --- €80 (around $94 / £72) / 4 hours --- €150 (around $176 / £136)  

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March 4, 2017

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